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2 Bedroom Apartments Edinburgh

Two bedroom apartments in Edinburgh are by far the most popular choice of apartment among visitors to Edinburgh. The capacity of a two bed edinburgh apartment being between 1 and 6 people , these apartments are ideal for the lone traveller who may wish to receive guests, a family of between 4 and 6 people or a small group of  friends. The majority of 2 bedroom apartments in Edinburgh have a sofa bed in the lounge area which can accommodate an extra 2 people, so the configuration of these apartments can be 3 doubles, 4 singles and a double, or 2 double rooms and one twin room. A number of the 2 bedroom apartments have an ensuite master bathroom to the main bedroom and an independant family bathroom which makes the use of the lounge area as a third bedroom a comfortable and viable arrangement. The extra capacity of a two bed apartment makes it  a flexible option which can cater for a whole variety of accommodation requirements. As business or corporate apartment accommodation, two bedroom Edinburgh Apartments  can adequately 3 work colleagues across the 3 sleeping areas which allows for economical self catering options due to the full kitchens offered within these apartments. With business meetings and the necessity to spend whole days at the office the adequate sleeping space is all that is needed. For the purposes of a family holiday these apartments are typically properties which could also be occupied long term by a family residing in Edinburgh on a permanent basis. Meaning that these homes away from home are exactly that. Our 17 Royal Mile apartment is by far our very best two bedroom apartment due to its ideal location in the heart of the cities historic sites and sprawling nightlife.

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Once you have selected the perfect two bedroom apartment for your visit in Edinburgh its really simple all you have to do is choose the date you want, select the option of two or more nights and enter the number of people staying. You will be asked to pay a deposit amount of 15% and directly after you will be sent an email confirmation along with your unique booking number. We ask you to print this information and read over it carefully to make sure it is exactly as you expected. Your booking form will have your payment details and also the date for your next payment, this is usually 6 weeks before your arrival date. You will be given arrival instructions and contact details to ensure a smooth arrival and you can request your bedroom configurations directly with the owner of the apartment.